Classmates List

These classmates attended the October 2023 Reunion at Max & Benny's Deli, Northbrook IL.  (They did not attend in alphabetical order, although they are listed here in that way.)


Nancy Adelman Spector
Jonathan Beck
Paula Beiser Dragash
Mark Brody
Jeff Brown (June '63)
Nancy Cuburnek Brachfeld
Bob Dahlin
Phyllis Friedlander Schneider
Neal Gadlin
Sue Gordon Capitel
Doug Gorin
Phil Grossman
Marcia Immergluck Simmons (Jan. '64)
Barbara Johnson Stavola
Dana Kahn Nevo
Karen Kahn Bezman
Anita Kornetz Weiss
Julian Lawitz 
Carolyn Levin Winter
Evie Mardat Rife
Maureen Markman Edelman
Barry Markovitz
Margaret McGleish Muse
Norm Newman
Bob Nuss
Bill Ostrinsky
Penny Pikofsky
Donna Pliner Rodnitzky
Michael Primack
Ray Quisenberry
Bill Saphir
Nancy Schorr Schwartz
Janeen Shankman Weiss
Mickey Simmons
Bruce Stern
Kenneth Suskin
Bill Tanenbaum
Larry Weinberg


Group photo from the 40th Reunion:

40th Reunion.
40th Reunion.

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Bob Ackerman

Then photo
Comment: Deceased

Nancy Adcock (Trankar)

Marital status: Divorced Children: 3
Occupation: Sr Business Analyst -Retired
I am enjoying retirement.  I have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren.  I spend my time with my family, making quilts and traveeling.

Peter Adler

Demitri Alexander


Michael Alexander

Marital status: Married Children: 2
Occupation: Semi-Retired

Scott Allswang

Dave Alpert

Then photo
Now photo
Marital status: Married Children: 3
Occupation: possibly retired

Dave previously posted:
Last 16 years living in Arizona. It's been an interesting 50 years with many roads explored. I would like to think I have learned something during this time, but my kids remind me of how much smarter than me they are.

During our lifetime we have seen the greatest increase in human knowledge ever. Some suggest that since 1900 we have learned more about science than all the years that proceeded. We've seen the best in mankind and the very worst. I pray for the world to be better for my children and grand children. Science can do it if politics will allow.

Live long and prosper.

Paul Altman

Then photo

Alan Andalman

Marital status: Married Children: 3
Occupation: semi-retired

Donald Anderson