Q:  "How many rye breads does it take to feed the SSHS Classes of 1962?," you asked? We found out on 10/15/23:  lots. (Photo by Jeff Brown, June '63)

Another memorable SSHS Classes of 1962 reunion 
convened on 10/15/23 
at Max & Benny's Deli in Northbrook, IL

It was a busy October weekend for many.  The Marriott Suites Hotel provided a warm and hospitable gathering place for out-of-towners.  Our Ray Quisenberry led outings to the Avalon Theater and lunch in Hyde Park, replete with views of Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago from Lake Shore Drive.  And the private room at Max & Benny's gave everyone the space they needed to mingle comfortably and reconnect.

In short, the weekend lived up to everyone's expectations...and there's already talk of next time.  Stay tuned.  (If you have a suggestion or a question, please send it to SSHS1962@comcast.net.  We'll be delighted to hear from you, and someone will get back to you.)

We're reminded, too, of the opportunity to make interesting discoveries at gatherings like these.  For example, at our 10-year reunion at the Ivanhoe Restaurant in 1972, Neal Gadlin just happened to find a seat at a table with Bill Saphir and others.  After the customary meet-and-greet patter, they all started to dig a little deeper into life events over the previous ten years, and Neal and Bill discovered that they had overlapping tours of duty in Korat, Thailand, in 1968-69--Neal with the U.S. Army and Bill with the Peace Corps.  Neither was aware of the other's presence there.  It's a coincidence they still marvel at, and a story they delight in reliving.  Somewhere out there is your hidden surprise, too.  (Sorry, the Thailand story is taken;  you'll have to find your own.)

To compliment the group photo above, Nancy Schorr Schwartz's husband Mickey took a slew of pics and we're happy to share the least-embarrassing of those.  Just select the "View and Add Photos" link from the Menu box at the top-right of this page.  (You can access all the other pages in the site from that same menu box.)

Photos are great...but there's no substitute for being there in person, which is what we encourage you to do next time, circumstances permitting.

In the meantime, here's wishing you continued good health and only happy surprises.  We hope to see you next time--but if not, know we're thinking of you, and remembering our unforgettable time together at South Shore High School.

All good wishes, and warm regards!

Ray Quisenberry
Bill Saphir
Nancy Schorr Schwartz
Mickey Simmons
Barbara Johnson Stavola


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