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Thomas Myers
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Roseann Burke (Nash )
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Gayla Levinson (Neikrug)
December 05, 1944 Teacher (retired) Married 2
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Lynn Nelson
February 09, 1944 Attorney Married 2
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Dana Kahn (Nevo )
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Dana Kahn (Nevo)
December 19, 1944 Retired Ass't Prof. Counseling Divorced
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Norman Newman
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James Newton
James Newton
April 12, 1945 Retired 2

After SSHS, I opted to go to the UofC , graduating in ’66. Walking across campus in May of that year and looking at another 2 yrs at USC for a MA, I did a drop in exam for the Peace Corps just for the fun of it. I was accepted and after training in Fresno CA for 3 months, I was off to India. 2 years later, I returned and got a field job with CARE, Intl and was sent off to Indonesia. 2 years later I grabbed a chance and was assigned to what was East Pakistan under contract to UNICEF/UNDP. When the situation there deteriorated into a hot war between India and Pakistan, we “held the fort” as UN Observers until Bangladesh gained its independence and we were once again doing relief and development work
But even more importantly for me, the Finnish Red Cross team sent out from Helsinki to help refugees returning home after the war and I was VERY impressed by one of the nurses. I finished my 3 yrs with CARE and UN and headed home to graduate school at Syracuse University. Travel home was via Finland, of course. When I completed my Masters in Public Finance, I was most fortunate to land an International management trainee job with Citibank, assigned to Indonesia. I made a long phone call to Orimattila, Finland and convinced Raija to take the big step by becoming my wife.
I had a long and rewarding career with Citibank, fulfilling assignments in Indonesia, Philippines, NYC, Zaire, Mauritius, Nigeria, and Finland for 15 yrs before taking an assignment here in London where we have been resident for 23 years now. Our 2 sons have really had an exotic upbringing, attending many schools and, in the case of the younger, serving in the Finnish Army, unlike his dad. Raija has developed a fine career as a designer book binder / restorer. I retired from the Bank and promptly turned around and undertook consultancy work until last year when I decided to do what I enjoy personally. Raija and I have built a lake side cottage in Central Finland, right on the shore with 15km of open water in front of us and massive spruce , pine and birch forests on the other 3 sides. I especially enjoy hours spent wandering between the trees, collecting edible mushrooms before returning home to my “ham radio” station, a hobby I started out with at SSHS.
All my best to all of you and here’s hoping that you will have a marvellous get together. Looking forward to reading the reportage.
Cheers Jim Newton
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Sheryl Pritikin (Nichols )
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