Newsletter #6 Is...Wait, #6--Already?!

Heck, we barely remember Newsletter #5!

If you're on our list of "Volunteer Newsletter Authors," please send a confirming e-mail to  We're tightening up the list so we won't bother anyone who chooses not to be a contributor.

And if you ARE on the list, now would be a good time to cobble together some thoughts and ideas and send them to us.  We'd like to hear about your travels...your accomplishments...your hobby...your run-ins with former classmates...your run-ins with the law (yeah, that's our favorite!).

Stories can be up to 350 words, with or without photos (but we love photos!).  Make us smile, make us swoon, make us proud.  Please send your materials to us at  We'll send you an acknowledgement, and our thanks.  And you can add "published author" to your CV.

But first, please let us know that you're still an aspiring (or a repeat, in some cases) newsletter contributor.  And thanks.

Warm regards!

Neal Gadlin
for your SSHS Classes of 1962 Newsletter Committee
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